One of the things teachers have told us most often is that they would like to see more control over what games students can play. Now, with assignments, teachers can do just that!

Assignments allow you to help your students practice just those concepts that are relevant to what they’re learning in the classroom.¬†You can pick any game from BrainNook and set a goal in that game for your class. For example, a teacher could pick the game “Eat the Sums”, which covers basic addition, and ask her class to reach a score of 100 points in that game. Students will see this assignment as a new mission when they play BrainNook. If they complete the mission, they win a cool new badge directly from their teacher!

Performance graphs show you who has completed the assignment and which students are avoiding even attempting it!

Students will love tackling assignments since they’ll be competing with their friends from school to see who gets there first!

Teachers, try out the assignments feature by logging in to your BrainNook @ School account now!

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